Comparing youth shooting programs

Compare the features and benefits of the League to other youth shooting sports!

Features and Benefits of the League

Hunter Education Certificate required
All student athletes are certified in firearms safety

1 coach for every 10 athletes required
Encourages adult mentors to be involved.

Compete against all teams in your conference each week
Student athletes have more fun competing against all teams in a single event.

School-approved teams
All teams are required to use the school’s name.

No requirement to join other organizations
No school or student athlete will be required to join any other organization to participate.

Teams made up of students from grades 6-12
Everyone participates on the same team with the same rules.

Dynamic website includes valuable resources
Everyone finds the latest news and supporting documents on the League’s website.

Comprehensive Policies & Procedures Guidebook
Expectations are clear and concise.

Two-step easy online registration
Convenient registration is provided to coaches to have the parents and their student athlete agree to all requirements regarding sportsmanship, medical, student and parent contact information.

Cooperative schools agreement
Student athletes may participate on another team if their school does not have a team.

Online payment for coaches
Payment for League registration fees are just a click away for coaches.

Reserve week scoring
Available for teams to use if their competition event gets cancelled due to inclement weather.

Student athlete recruitment kit
Announcements, posters, signup sheets and customer support is provided to help schools educate parents and students about the team at information meetings held at the school.

Minimum team size is five athletes
Conferences are determined by team size, not geography, to make competition as fair as possible.

No maximum team size
As long as coaching staff ratio requirements are met and the shooting range can accommodate the team size safely a team can be as large as possible.

Priorities are safety, fun and marksmanship
Listed in order of importance.

Coach Advisory Council to help new coaches and teams
A gorup of current coaches who share experiences and documents with new coaches.

Coach blog available
Coaches can blog with knowledgeable and dedicated coaches to help them with their team.

League-sponsored fundraising programs help lower costs
Easy-to-use fundraising programs help offset team and student athlete expenses.

Wholesale product purchase options help lower costs
League-sponsored bulk ammunition and firearm sale opportunities are provided.

Annual coaches survey provides valuable feedback
A post-season survey measures coach satisfaction and solicits improvement recommendations.

Constant informative communications tools for coaches
Communication dashboards and weekly in-season emails keeps coaches in the know.

No reported injuries
Since 2001.

No school gun-free zone violations
Since 2001.